Fly for Miles

Think it's time to use your miles?

Find out if that's the right move.


That's a great idea!

Based on those numbers you'll get an outsized value for your miles.

Maybe, just maybe

Based on those numbers you'll get about what your miles are worth. You can always try for better.

I wouldn't if I were you

Based on those numbers this isn't a great redemption value. Unless you're strapped for cash and really need the free flight, look a little harder!

Fixed Value Miles

jetBlue and Southwest offer something more like a rebate as miles than other airlines. If you have what you need to redeem, do it!

Variable Value Miles

Most airlines offer the kind of miles that make you wonder if you're getting a good deal. If you're getting less than 1.5cents per mile of value, it's probably best to keep trying.

Additional Considerations

Class of Service

Sometimes it's worth sitting up front. Sometimes it's not. If you have the miles for a premium cabin, check out which seats and what services are offered. It could mean the difference between a flat bed seat and a transfer in a luxury car to a lounge or a not-so-free beer and a pack of pretzels. For the difference you could possibly have a whole other trip!

Length of Flight

This comes down to availablity, sense of adventure, and personal preference. Sometimes a layover is worth it to break up a long trip. Other times it's more of a hassle than the ability to stretch your legs is worth.

Taxes, Fees, and their Evil Friends

Taxes and fees can vary based on how you use your miles. Some airlines demand huge fuel surcharges for mileage redemptions, which can make paying for the flight more appealing than using miles. Sometimes it just means trying a different airline (e.g. using American AAdvantage miles to fly on American instead of British Airways).